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Slickrock Trail Moab Utah

Every serious Mountain Biker from around the world, knows, or has heard about the famous and notorious “Slickrock” Trail in Moab. It was this trail that put Moab on the map, and turned Moab into a mountain biking mecca that brings 1000’s of mountain bikers from around the globe to Moab.

Slickrock Trail Moab

Trail Stats & Information

Nearby City: Moab
Length: about 12.5 miles
Trail Type: Loop
Skill Level: Technically very difficult to extremely dangerous. Physically very difficult to abusive
Duration: 2-3 hours
Trailhead Elev: 4,575 feet
Top Elev: 4,770 feet

Book Description

This trail is VERY difficult and dangerous. Do not ride alone, but do not bring along you family, your girlfriend, or anyone that you love who is not an advanced rider. Despite the fact that the trail is shown on the Discovery Channel for kids to drool over, it is extremely dangerous and parents should exercise extreme caution with children under 18 (or over) who want to ride here. You could get them into serious trouble. The Slickrock Trail is VERY well marked with painted white lines like the middle of a highway, and there are yellow caution markers and black diamonds to warn you of deadly sections ahead. Be sure to watch for these warnings after you hit the main loop at mile 2.5. Hills on the trail are short, but grueling and very steep. If you let you momentum carry you it could get you into trouble on twisty sections with off-camber turns, but mostly it is momentum that will allow you to ride up the really steep stuff. Traction is fantastic, except when wet or icy. Watch out for winter! Trail Surface: slickrock, obviously, with a painted white line guiding you into the most outrageous situations. At times it is like riding on the outside edge of a 300-foot high basketball.

My Experience

I remember the very first time I did this trail, after reading the books about how extremely difficult and dangerous the Slickrock trail was, I was actually scared even before I did it, I actually considered not doing it. Once on the the trail, I thought, what the fcuk is all the fuss about!!
The Slickrock is without any doubt a FANTASTIC trail, but I still do not know why it is rated as “dangerous”, compared to “Poison Spider” or “Porcupine” the Slickrock is a doddle!!.
Personally I think that this trail is rated on a ” Moab Tourist” scale and NOT on a “Mountain Bikers” scale.
Any intermediate mountain biker should not have any problems at all with this trail.


The Slickrock is the most famous and notorious trail in Moab, and probably the USA. It is a fantastic and unique trail, but it can be a friggin Zoo!!

I set my alarm for 6.00am determined to finish the ride before the crowds arrived. At 7.30 am I started the ride, with no one else at the trailhead.
The Slickrock is an absolutely wonderful and unique ride, almost 13 miles on 100% slickrock, and if that is not enough, just venture off onto the spurs, and you decide the milage. As mentioned above, in my books this is an easy and tame ride, and 100% rideable.
I spent 3 hours on the trail before I saw another person, then they came from everywhere, luckily my time was up, and I had an absolute fantastic time. By the time I got to trailhead, it was completely full.

Other Info:

Traffic on Trail : no one at 7.30 – 10 am, lots and lots after 10am
Wild Life : who needs wildlife on a ride like this!?
Scenery : Absolutely Fantastic 360 degree 3D Scenery
Other : To enjoy the Slickrock, you MUST beat the crowds, I would hate to do this one on a weekend

My Trail Rating : 9 / 10




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