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Neanderthals Revenge

Walking Dordogne has spent over a year putting this trail together. "Neanderthal's Revenge" could well be the "Oldest" mountain bike trail on earth. 460.000 years ago our Prehistoric Ancestors settled in the Vezere Valley in the Dordogne (Aquitaine) region of S.W. France Various trails have been connected to create a fantastic and unique trail that consists of numerous interlinked loops. Neanderthal's Revenge is fast and furious and offers stunning Dordogne scenery, it takes you on … [Read more...]

Test footage using GoPro Helm Hero HD

I have spent a LOT of time experimenting with various pieces of software to edit the GoPro HD footage to find the balance between "Good & Fast" . The below footage has been reduced from about 300mb to about 50mb, I will continue experimenting in the coming weeks. The following short clips were taken on a section of the notorious "Devils Backbone" and "Hells Gorge" both in the Vezere Valley Dordogne S.W. France … [Read more...]