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Heavenly to Armstrong Pass Trail Lake Tahoe

After my 2 crashes on the Curly Lake trail in Montana in August I was really looking forward to getting back on the trails. This trail came highly recommended to me, as offering some of the best scenery in the Tahoe Basin. I was told that it was a very strenuous ride, but I was convinced I was up for it... Boy was I wrong, I got slaughtered on this trail!! Trail Stats & Information Nearby City: Minden Length: 23.43 total miles Trail Type: Point to Point Skill Level: [ What the … [Read more...]

Curley Lake Highline Trail Tobacco Root Range

Many people / books claim that the Curley Lake Highline Trail could well be one of the best mtb trails you will ever ride.. anywhere!! I set out early on a beautiful Friday morning and can guarantee you 2 things about this trail.. It is extremely scenic, and it is probably the most strenuous trail I have ever done.. Trail Stats & Information Nearby City: Cardwell | Whithall Length: 23.43 total miles Trail Type: Loop Skill Level: [ What the books say ] Aerobically: very … [Read more...]

Crashes on Curly Lake Highline Trail

Yesterday I did the Curly Lake Highline Trail in the Tobacco Root Mountains near Cardwell. 6 brutal hours, 4 hours mental climb and 2 pretty bad crashes within 5 min. Result, bruised ribcage, swollen wrist, possibly a torn calf muscle and lots of bacon. If the swelling of wrist and bruised ribcage doesn't improve soon, I'll have to pay a visit to a quack Next stop.. Helena Montana Video stills of the 2 crashes [ videos will be uploaded soon with the trail article] . … [Read more...]