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Mayhem heading to Michigan

Finally, I am on my way to Michigan, where I should arrive on June 14th to start my 2010 Mountain Bike Trails USA Tour…
I had to make drastic changes to my plans, I had planed to start in the Lake Tahoe area California, 2 weeks ago, but after arriving in the USA on May 14th I received a letter from the USCIS [ U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services] that I had to appear in person for a meeting, so that delayed me by 3 weeks. The second reason I changed my destination, is because I purchased a Travel Trailer, and by doing some research, I managed to save about $6000 by picking my trailer up in Michigan… You got it!!.. I’m already thinking that the $6000 dollar saved would get me a pretty niffty steed if needed on this tour.

Mountain Bike Mayhem

My new home for a year

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