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Best energy drink for diabetics

I am really happy I found this product, and would like to share it with the MTB community. I myself am lucky, I do not have think twice about what I take with me to eat or drink when I shred  the trails, and yes, like most riders I take high energy drinks and Energy bars… and still, after  a good few hours I feel drained.. so I can’t even imagine how difficult it must be for a diabetic.
How many of you know someone with Diabetes?..

Here’s my story:

When I started riding at the age of 16 we formed a small ( just 5 of us) but extremely active group that would ride every weekend, and when we weren’t riding or tinkering on our steeds, we would be blazing trails. “Nuts” was five years older than us,  and by far the most passionate mtb’er I have ever known… That came to a slow but abrupt end when he was diagnosed as a Diabetic. He did not change as a person, he did not loose his passion for riding, but things did change for Nuts.  We would hit the trails for a 6-7 hour epic, and we would be almost in tears, and Nuts would say ” C’mon, lets do Satan’s Fury ( a 2 hour slog)  before we call it a day”   That all changed after he became a diabetic.. 7 hours … 5 hours… 3 hours… to the point that anything more than an hour and he was drained.

In those days there was no Red Bull or Black Booster, we made our own Energy drinks, and EVERYONE  had a secret formula, but the only difference was the amount  of sugar and caffeine you added.

I still see Nuts from time to time, and I can tell you that he never stopped riding, he just shortened his trails.. a couple of weeks ago we did a 3.5 hour brutal ride ride together, and I noticed he was adding a powder to his drink, so I asked him about it, and he told me about this Energy Drink for Diabetics.. My first thought was “FINALLY” ‘cos I often thought to myself ” why doesn’t someone launch an energy drink for people that cannot use sugar or caffeine” ?!

So there you have my story, I’m sure everyone has a similar story to tell. I can tell you Nuts loves the product, and if Nuts loves it… I love it..

Like myself, you might be lucky that you can eat and drink whatever you choose on the trails, but if you know someone that has diabetes, do them a favor and tell them about Energetic Diabetic

Energetic Diabetic


I am in no way at all affiliated with this product, and there are no benefits or financial gain in recommending this product

Their Story :

People With Diabetes Must Beat The Challenge Of Fatigue

Whether you are biking up a mountain or simply trying to get through your day, if you have diabetes fatigue can be your constant nemesis. People with diabetes can burn through their B-vitamins at a rate 16 times faster than people who do not have the disease, and this makes fatigue a real and ever present challenge.

There are several ways to help build energy and stamina when you have diabetes.  First, get regular, moderate exercise. Exercise can energize a person and help them feel more active and alert.

It is also important to get plenty of sleep. Making a schedule to get plenty of sleep, going to bed at the same time, and waking up at the same time can help train a body to “know” when its time to feel tired.

Diet is critical.  Eat the right things on schedule. By eating the right things regularly it is easier to keep blood sugar levels as stable as possible and avoid energy crashes.

Relax! By practicing relaxation techniques including positive visualization, meditation, or deep breathing a person may help lower stress and help keep blood pressure at a safer level.

If you have diabetes, it is essential to watch your weight. Excess weight can make it harder to control blood sugar levels and could increase insulin resistance. Maintaining a healthy weight may help reduce insulin resistance and make it easier to remain at target blood sugar levels.

Finally, avoid unhealthy energy boosters.  Most energy drinks, caffeine, and sugar may provide a temporary “lift” but the lift is often followed by a crash and deeper fatigue than before. They are not designed for people with diabetes, and the results can cause more difficulties than the intended benefits.

The only energy formula designed for people with diabetes is drsi ReStore! Energy. It can be a good energy option if you are diabetic whether you are competing in a sport or just getting through the day.  The formula contains an all natural Mega B vitamin formula that helps restore long-lasting, balanced energy and hydration with no spikes and no crashes. There is no sugar, no caffeine, no calories, and low carbs.  It was developed for people with diabetes, but it can work for anyone especially if you want to stay away from sugar, caffeine, and stimulants.

drsi ReStore! Energy is becoming available in retail outlets across the country, and can also be ordered directly from the website: For people with diabetes who want to stay active and compete this could be an important option to help restore energy and maintain stamina.

For more info:

Michael Dugan
Diabetica Research Solutions, Inc.
1-561-948-3036 (voice)

Energy Drink for Diabetics


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